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Gourmet Marshmallows

The times, they are a changing. Three new flavors have arrived: peanut butter, vanilla, and birthday cake.



Even people who are allergic to peanut butter like peanut butter. It's one of those flavors that's deliciousness transcends a one dimensional application of a sandwich. Beyond puppy chow and PB&J is this:    The Peanut Butter Mallow.


Vanilla is to baking what salt is to cooking: necessary. There's vanilla in all of our mallows, but this mallow puts emphasis on the vanilla and allows it to to be the star of the show. This is the old fashioned mallow you're used to...but better.


Soft and fluffy with a little crunchy. This was an experiment with texture and flavor. The combination was startling in the best way possible. These are exactly as described, birthday cake reincarnated as a delicious bite sized snack.


The plant that can change the world.


To many people, lavender is simply a color or a plant. Lavender is known for it's deep color and aromatic presence. What many don't realize is it's culinary applications are vast. The Lavender Mallow infuses actual lavender, not an oil extract, into the mallows themselves. The sugars of the mallow transform the normally pungent lavender into a palatable ally of sweet pleasure. 

In addition to just plain being delicious, the lavender plant also contains medicinal uses. Lavender was used in hospitals during World War 1 for it's ability to relieve anxiety. It's been noted, additionally, for it's qualities as a sleep assistant when boiled with water. A survey paper on lavender published in 2013 states that, "there is growing evidence suggestion that lavender oil may be an effective medicamet in treatment of several neurological disorders." 


              West India Meets Western Culture


Chai is flavor that we all have at the very least heard of. Chai is originally a blend of black tea with both herbs and spices. The spices are not consistent from one recipe to another, but they do generally involve cinnamon, star anise, fennel seeds, peppercorn, nutmeg and cloves. There's other spices/herbs typically added to it depending on where you are. Traditionally this is a drink created in Western India, however the addition of milks and sugars was to the credit of the English back in the late 1800s.

I simply chose a chai recipe based on the simple fact that I love chai. I find chai to be a soothing flavor, and I hope that this mallow does justice to the way chai makes you feel. 


The changing of the seasons


Historically, in American culture, the introduction of Pumpkin Spice back into our lives (often forcefully) symbolizes a new season. On a personal level, I love Fall and everything it entails. The colors, the smells, the fire pits, the s'mores.  

Pumpkin Spice is traditionally a combination of: cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice and ground cloves. The precise-ish measurements mend to form one of the most recognizable flavors I can think of. Pumpkin Spice Mallows roasted over the campfire and smashed on a s'more may be the greatest innovation of my Mallow endeavors. This recipe has yet to see even a single renovation. The first batch was flawless.

Order yours today, and change Fall forever. 


The Awakening


A large majority of this world begins it's day with a cup of coffee. Those of us who like to live on the edge sometimes include chocolate in this decision. We're the real dreamers. This recipe includes 100% cocoa from Ghiradelli. For thousands of years, the world has used cocoa beans for medicinal purposes, long before it was considered a dessert or treat. 

Cocoa is considered to be a valuable source of antioxidants, such as procyanidins. These antioxidants are said to impart anti-aging properties. Cocoa also rich in flavonoids, more specifically epicatechin, which may have strong cardiovascular benefits. There are many studies on the healthy benefits of cocoa available to read.

Coffee is the drug we just can't let go of. The caffeine produced by coffee revives us and gives us the energy we need. Furthermore, caffeine consumption helps block an inhibitory neurotransmitter called adenosine. Because of this, the activity of other (beneficial) neurotransmitters like norepinephrene and dopamine actually increases, resulting in the enhanced firing of neurons. This means that coffee actually positively stimulates brain activity.  

Coffee and chocolate together in this format is a chance to intake two things we all love in the best way possible. This mallow is also delicious when melted down in a cup of coffee. Awaken your body and mind with this delicious creation.